Burning Desires 

I set out to explore the next destination on my route in this place known as Sin City, showing up on a hot summer day with a weathered map and a plan. 
Some of my ventures have gone off without a hitch, others have left me flat on my ass. 
Still the journey continues, it certainly hasn’t been an easy 7 months to navigate; I have often found myself sitting at the drawing board inside my mind desperately hoping for a different dream. 
Nothing else ever comes. 
I always end up with the same beautiful picture coming to life, and then just as soon as I think I want to give up, I magically inch my way closer. 
I wish I was already at the end so I could report back and tell everyone that it’s worth it, to keep going and everything you desire will suddenly become your reality. 
But I’m not there yet, and I don’t know what’s ahead of me.
All I know for sure is that I have made it this far, at one time this place was a dream, and before that traveling across the country by myself was a desire, and years ago I wanted to cross the stage earning my Bachelor’s Degree. 
Looking ahead I see the impossible and the unknown, but reflecting on the mountain tops I’ve already reached remind me of how far I’ve come. 
In the midst of struggle I’d rather be right where I am, in the smallest victories I feel the most content with my choices, and in the harsh realities that I stumble upon, I stand my ground and keep moving forward. 
I can’t tell you that your dreams will come true, but I will say that who you become in the process is worth discovering.

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