Grand Adventures 

We used to celebrate everything with whiskey, pool tables, and good country music. There was rarely an occasion that didn’t pass by without a cold beverage in one hand and a pool stick in the other.
Our friendship expanded to hiking, exploring, and running through electric fences just to see if we could make it to the finish line. Together we would seek out the next great adventure, always finding something that would challenge us to grow in some way. 
After years of soul searching, life’s heartaches, and taking the roads less traveled, our friendship has evolved into long distance phone calls to celebrate victories and strategize how to continue navigating our paths.
Together we’ve learned along the way that the destinations we reach are moments in time to pause and reflect, an opportunity to choose which routes to take for the future. We’ve discovered that the adventure is grand and expansive, the road never stops and the mountains never cease to appear. 

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