Moonlit Dreams

Last night I taught my second yoga session at Vegas Hot, taking on a new region of the country as an instructor. 
I was nervous teaching my first class, I haven’t actively taught yoga since leaving West Virginia last Fall and although it was less than perfect by my standards, it went well. 
The second class was even better. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and happiness as I said my final goodbyes to everyone and took a few moments to reflect. 
I’ve been a yoga instructor for 4 years now, I can still remember how I felt stepping in to teaching my first class and the uncertainty I would cling to as I navigated through those new territories. 
My yoga practice is the rooted element that keeps my free spirit from getting too wild, it’s my secret ingredient to doing things that are bold and daring, and it’s the reason that even though sometimes I still question myself, I always follow my own path. 
I don’t teach like anyone else, I have no desire to be something I’m not and I’ve learned that it’s better to create your space and own it rather than trying to borrow on someone else’s and never know your value. 
My journey with yoga began in the South, after two years of teaching deep in the heart of Texas, I found myself rolling my mat out in the quiet hills of West Virginia. Six months of teaching in the Northeast and a weekend retreat in the mountains enriched my practice and is still one of the most treasured chapters of my life. 
Living in Las Vegas is my latest challenge, teaching yoga again is such an honor and I’m grateful to be apart of this growing community. I am looking forward to expanding here, reaching outward to the West, chasing fiery sunsets and moonlit dreams.

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