Turning Points

I knew it was time to take an alternate route, as much as I didn’t want to let go of my new city, my life was becoming far too dangerous to manage. I had worked so hard to establish myself, learning a new trade and hustling every night just to keep up. I was barely making it and life on the boulevard was taking a harsh toll on my spirit.

In one fluid motion, I was swept away from Sin City, but I didn’t continue out west like I had planned, in fact, it was backtracking, all the way to the Lone Star state. At first it was devastating, I felt like I had just missed my opportunity to follow through with my dreams, the grief was over powering, I was slipping into the darkest depression of my life.

It was nice being home, I indulged in wine every evening, devoured my Mom’s amazing home cooked meals, and rested my weary soul out on the hill side. Finally coming back to life, regaining my strength and reestablishing my focus, it was time to get back to work and figure out how I was going to create a new foundation and still maintain the integrity of being a Hollywood dreamer.

It would take a brand new focus, lots of determination, and an unshakeable mindset that not only is anything possible, but I had actually just been blessed with the most incredible opportunity to bring it all together.

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