Start Over, Dig Deep

I’m not afraid to start over, to take all of my experiences up until now and accept them as the deep roots of my soul. 
I don’t ever allow myself to feel stuck because I know how miserable that can be. I enjoy the creative freedom of simply being, trying something new and seeing how many of my dreams I can turn into a reality. I wake up every day enjoying my life, whatever obstacles I face and whatever challenges I may have, I accept them. 
I use the difficult moments as a bridge, traveling across them to explore new territories of myself. I am grateful, but I’m also demanding and relentless when I want something. I’m wildly imperfect and I enjoy it. 
Where I am now is a reflection of a place I once imagined, and the incredibly colorful abilities of my mind is just beginning to reveal itself.

Yin Teachings

I was a little uncertain if I felt ready to train with active instructors again, but quickly decided not to doubt myself and took another step outside of my comfort zone. I signed up for Level II Yin Yoga training at Vegas Hot in Las Vegas only two weeks after moving to this foreign new city. 
The atmosphere made me nervous at first, it was clear everyone knew each other, but it didn’t take long for me to find my place amongst the group. A 3 day training afforded me fresh knowledge for my favorite practice, confidence to continue with my plans, and a new community of people to share this incredible chapter with. 
This experience gave me an extra layer to stand on as I continue reaching higher to achieve my goals. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’ve learned that when you’re chasing dreams, the effort evolves into a passion you become devoted to. 
Life is full of endless opportunities, but we have to be willing to seek them out, leave behind the things that hold us back and believe that we are not only able, but also worthy of everything we’ve ever dreamed of. 
It has taken me two years of traveling to find my place, Las Vegas has quickly become my new home, and I am deeply in love.

Small Town Girls in the Big City

Upon my arrival for my latest adventure, life in Las Vegas, I learned that one of my favorite people would soon be visiting for a weekend getaway. 
She gave me the hotel and room number, I navigated my way through the Hard Rock Hotel and after a short knock I was reunited with my long time friend. We people watched through the halls, laughed about everything, and swapped life stories over cocktails while we lounged in the pool. 
Hours went by in the span of a few minutes, our afternoon visit was ending, and we quickly made plans to go out for dinner the following evening. I picked up my friend and her sweet husband like a personal taxi driver, waiting curbside at the main entrance. They hopped in my truck and we were off for our scheduled outing. 
We arrived at Piero’s Italian Cuisine, an older gentlemen approached my window and I pressed the automatic button to share a greeting just as he was reaching for my door handle. Looking somewhat puzzled I tried to say hello, but he seemed to be on a mission.
It took me a minute to realize he was a valet attendant and he was trying to park my truck. 
Got it. 
Walking through the lavishly decorated, dimly lit restaurant I half expected to see the Rat Pack sitting in a corner booth smoking cigars while sipping scotch. The waiters wore bow ties and white coats, I felt like I was on a movie set from the 1950s. 
We toasted over cocktails, enjoyed our Italian dinner, and while my friends sipped espresso, I had a few extra bites of cheesecake.
After our fancy dinner, we took a drive through the classic Las Vegas Strip, admiring all of the lights and commenting on the bizarre realities of Sin City. We ended our site seeing at a stop light by New York, New York and hung a left to head back to the Hard Rock. We shared hugs and a dozen different I love you’s with promises of seeing each other again real soon. 
I’ve only lived in Vegas for two weeks and I’ve already had a weekend that I’ll never forget.

Namaste Do Over

I scanned the studio class schedule this morning and found a mid afternoon hot yoga session to attend. I had shrugged off last night’s horrifying experience and was ready for my do over.
It was everything a yoga session should be, challenging, refreshing, and calm. I met the instructor after class and she encouraged me to get on the schedule to teach. I thanked her for the bad ass session and headed home.
Along my journey I’ve learned that you can’t get discouraged when you try something once and it doesn’t work out. Sometimes you’ve got to get back up, shake off the bad vibes and try again a different way.

Yoga Bitch

Tonight I went to my first yoga class since I left West Virginia, impressed with the studio and positive atmosphere, I inquired about teaching. I snagged my first opportunity to becoming an active instructor again and went into a hot vinyasa room to meditate before class. 
At 6pm the instructor walked in and began her greetings of colorful language and staggering postures, telling stories of being at the club the night before with her ‘boo thang’ all the while wearing giant retro shades. 
At first I thought maybe she was just wildly free spirited until she blatantly admitted to being extremely drunk and very stoned. 
A couple of people were quickly offended by her behavior and walked out. As we sat back into child’s pose I prayed that this would be a good experience, but pushing back into our first down dog led everything onto a very ugly path. 
She singled me out and the hate bashing began. 
I stopped her in her high and mighty tracks as I rolled up my mat and faced her dead in the center of the room. 
I thought I was going to straight smoke this bitch for bullying an entire classroom, disrespecting this sacred practice and ruining my first yoga experience in Vegas. Instead I took a semi higher path, told her I wasn’t into her style and walked out. 
The front desk girl I had gotten to know sat wide eyed as I rounded the corner, fearful of what else had happened. She apologized profusely, telling me the owner was on their way down to escort this chick out of the building. The yoga in me stayed calm and although I was a blaze of anger I kept my cool and told her I would be back tomorrow to give it another shot with a different instructor. 
I laughed to myself when I jumped in my truck and immediately had to punch my address into Map Quest because I couldn’t remember how to get home. 
Six days in Vegas, I’ve experienced half a yoga class and a bottle of wine.

Discovering the Lion Within

I didn’t waste any time creating my new routine after moving to Vegas. I’ve been in the gym every day and tonight I’m going to my first yoga class. My plans seem lavish to some people, but really, it’s nothing but work and self improvement on a daily basis. 
I’ve realized that becoming dedicated to what I’m passionate about means sacrificing everything else and pushing myself harder than I ever have just to see if I’ve got what it takes. 
It’s a risk either way, but committing to my crazy ideas seems worth the gamble.

Safe Arrival

I left my hard hat sitting on a shelf, said a few goodbyes, and as soon as I got home, slipped off my steel toed Tony Lamas and launched them into the nearest dumpster. 

It was time to begin the next chapter, continuing onward with my journey to Las Vegas, Nevada.

960 miles of desolate terrain was conquered, mountain upon mountain carefully climbed and descended, the exhilarating rush of traveling the country soared through me as I crossed state lines with my camper securely in tow. 
It wasn’t until I reached the Hoover Dam that I began to feel fearful of my ability to navigate mountains, gigantic forces of majestic red rock dominated the earth as far as the eye could see. I have never felt so small and mesmerized, overwhelmed by God’s grace and powerful force had reduced me to tears, shaken with gratitude for this incredible journey.
After a few steep pulls with heart dropping curves, I found myself back on flat land and confidently pressed down on the gas. 
I entered the luxurious resort with my humble home and set up camp, threw on my fancy hat and headed to the pool. Kicking back in a lounge chair, admiring the manicured landscaping and rows of palm trees, I took a deep breath and smiled up at the sun. 
I’ve reached a new milestone, everything I’ve been working towards for the past two years are now within my grasp. 
I listened to the voice of my intuition and never gave up. Even in the midst of my greatest struggles always reminding myself that no matter where I was I would never be lost, because for me, all roads lead west.